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In music, people turn the mirror around and go, “Who are you? What is your statement?” And it’s such an unfair question, because you’re like, “I don’t know!” I’m trying to figure it out, just like you.

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Blaine Warbler Anderson, I have never loved another
except for last year when I was in love with my stepbrother
I admire you almost as much as I admire the late Alexander Mcqueen
You squint when you sing

How I missed our impromptu performances in the Dalton Academy halls,
The rooms, the bleachers, where the hell were all the teachers?
We’ve seen everything eye to eye, all the pain, all the hur
At least we did till my last growth spurt

We’ve shared so many intimate moments, memories that shine and glitter 
Just the two of us, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and Twitter 
Since we’ve met it’s been absolute heaven For your Emmy consideration, 2011   But through all the glory, the scary and the hype, 
I swear to god I’m going to punch the next person that calls me a stereotype 
I’m so thankful to have found a partner as talented as me,
And forever we shall be unless the writers change things in Season 3 
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I never really liked codifying thoughts into the ether. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aquarian; I’m not into making these statements and announcements. I never felt the need to wear things publicly. I like phone calls. I like talking to people, I like being able to hear the cadence of someone’s voice. (x)

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“I’m not interested in being any kind of superstar or anything I’m not. I’m just a dude who got lucky and an artist who cares about the work that I do.”

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